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Circus CORTEX WARRIORS Show 2022/23

Circus Cortex Warriors Show logo

18 performers
In One Show

Wonderful Family Entertainment

Over 100 minutes of non-stop action


The Stage


Cambs Times

A truly inspirational experience!!



A breath-taking masterpiece of artistry, performed to the highest standards.


An Electric, Goose-Bump-Inducing, Hand Clapping, Foot Stomping Musical Extravaganza.

This is not just 'CIRCUS' 
This is Circus Cortex and we are WARRIORS !!

Let us take you to a far away land where you can travel across the realms of reality and witness the secret rituals of our ancient tribe.

The stunts are real, the dancing is powerful, the atmosphere is electric.


We are Circus Cortex and we are back and ready to take the UK by storm.

Because what doesn't break you, only makes you stronger

We are ...


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