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Circus CORTEX cordially invite You


To a truly inspirational experience!!



From the production team behind the spectacular "Glory" and "Warriors" Circus Cortex are delighted to announce A brand new and  exciting extravaganza



Behind every mask is a face and behind every face is a story..

Join us this summer and allow us to include you in that story...

Every night when the clock strikes twelve, the door to an alternate reality is opened...

You will be guided by our jolly joker who creates mischief with his ever ticking clock and you will watch as he awakens the eccentric characters of our far away realm.

Be amazed by skills, that will make you question your own eyes, and be left in awe by costumes that are the true art of disguise.


Once the night has ended you may not remember everyone you have met, but this is a 'MASQUERADE'  ball that you are not likely to forget.

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